A segment among Blackmen Rejoices at The sight of Chad Wheeler’s Ex Girlfriends Battered Body


I would like to begin by thanking Afro-American men like Mr. Uppity Unicorn. The self made men. The entrepreneurs. The true pro-blacks. The protecting; providing, chivalrous men with deeply melanated skin. Those who love black women and children whose hearts and bodys ache anytime ours does. The lovers and friends of Afro-American women. Our natural allies. Our reflexion in strength and ingenuity. Thank you for being the wind beneath our wings.

Now then, I have to discuss the dusty male portion among us who is quickly being abandoned by the Afro-American female collective. The men who rejoiced and celebrated the news of Chad wheeler’s ex girlfriend’s near death experience. Wheeler, a bipolar former Seahawks Offensive Tackle has been fired from the NFL. He strangled his Afro-American girlfriend for refusing to bow to him. He punched and mushed her face in so that she could not inhale as well as wrapping both of his hands tightly around her neck until she fell unconscious and appeared to be dead. He then finished his dinner in her apartment.

When she came to, she ran to the bathroom locking herself in, and made a life saving phone call to the boys in blue. Blue Lives matter over here. Damn the corrupt portion of them but still, we need them. It is not uncommon for an Afr-American woman to be part N.W.A. “F*** The Police!” and part “Blue Lives Matter” it is part of our unfortunate walk as Afro-American women.

Comments section on youtube regarding Wheeler and his ex were teeming with laughter and praise from this degenerate portion of Black men. “That’s what she gets for thinking she’s better than black men!” “this needed to happen to knock some sense into these negro women who think they are going to level up away from us.” Her near death experience was a win to these men who hate to see Afro-American women with men of other races yet marry outside of their own race at nearly three times the rate of their female counterparts. I’m an extreme empath. I cried. I wept. I’m hurt. Here is a link to just one video but by all means keep clicking video after video made by Afro-American male content creators to see the real time celebration of Chad Wheeler’s attempted murder.