Dear Men: Leveling up is for you too!


Hey there other gender! Seems to me we are having a failure to communicate. I had no idea. Had I known what the real issue was when it comes to women “leveling up” I would have spoken sooner. The level up process is not exclusive to women. Levelling up is a self reflective self improvement journey open to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Levelling up can be a brutal process of self reflection. I liken it to when the greatest entertainer of all time, Michael Joe Jackson wrote, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways.” It’s about facing your actual self and embarking upon your journey to self realization.
It can be embarrassing to look at yourself and say I’m: dusty, lazy, fat, broke,unmotivated, immoral, cheap,etc. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to a resolution. The level up process is all about saying, “This is who I am, and this is who I want to be.” Then scaling the distance between the two polarities.
Women use this term quite a bit because we are the creators of the term but phrases like, “step your game up” were coined by men in sports. , they mean essentially the same thing. Levelling up for you as a man can have endless implications. Perhaps you dominate in the gym but read at a 7th grade level. You could be a very hard worker with plenty of cash flow but not financially literate. Perhaps you are ready to learn to save and invest on a level that leads to generational wealth instead of allowing your life to end with some gofundme account to fund your funeral arrangements. This is levelling up.
Self improvement is open to everyone again, the great Michael Jackson once pinned in a song called History, “ No force of nature can break your will to self motivate. Keep moving until you are the king of the hill.” Levelling up could mean committing yourself to read every New York Times best seller from here on out. It could mean deciding you are going to be an active father to your children and a dutiful son to your parents. It’s about becoming your best self to offer up your best life.
This is an invitation. Create male spaces where men can be vulnerable and honest with one another. Lean on one another like frat brothers or better yet brothers from the same mother. Level up! The choice is yours. Consider this a formal invitation.