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Dr. Umar Johnson. An Enigma.

Black Fraud Watch

Dr.Umar Johnson is the author of the book “Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys,” the purported 1st book ever written by an African-American male school psychologist to Black parents with specific strategies on how to fight back against special education and ADHD.

Umar Johnson the Special Education Expert

Dr. Umar Johnson is an educational diagnostician who purports himself to specialize in special education issues. Dr. Umar, as he is often referred, is known for his work in identifying black boys that have been diagnosed as learning disabled and with ADHD incorrectly. As a child therapist, he works with depressed and behaviorally-challenged males.

Umar Johnson Has Disturbing Views

Dr. Johnson also has a bit of notoriety for his disturbing views on the LGBTQ community, single motherhood, relationships in the Black community, Black celebrities, masculinity, femininity, and a smorgasbord of other issues that Johnson has no real authority to speak on in the first place. At one point, Umar Johnson argued that Black children were being converted to homosexuality through television programming. We’ve recently published an article where Dr. Johnson speaks on President Trump’s Crime Bill.

Dr. Umar Johnson and the FDMGA. A Dream Deferred.

But now, Dr. Umar Johnson is known for something a bit more dubious. A school. A school for boys in fact. The FDMGA or, wait for it, The Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy for boys. Take a look at the video below, by Lenon Honor. In his three and half our thesis, Honor literally gives us a chronology of the past ten years of the promise Dr. Umar Johnson has made to the community of the FDMGA for boys. Enjoy.