Getting Back to the Basics of Pure Education


Ninety percent of the students at Ignite Achievement Academy at the historic Elder Diggs School are African-American. Elder Watson Diggs was the first African-American to graduate from the Indiana University of Education. Digs,was one of ten men that formed Kappa Alpha Psi, a black fraternity. School 42 is located in the MLK Corridor of Indianapolis, an area where there’s been a number of safety concerns.

At school 42, now named after Diggs, in order to get the school up to par, there were several precautions that had to be undertaken in order to get the school up to par, in order for the school to get back to the basics of education.

One of the most important items that needed to be addressed was in the area of fire safety. Now, fire retardant spray made for fabric were necessary. Most important, however, was the need for a safe fire retardant spray that could easily be deployed.

“Truly understanding one’s environment requires one to first be safe. “

The first operational step in the friends learning process was to decorate the entire apartment with sticky notes. This had an almost ceremonial touch to it as the friends delved into dictionaries and proceeded to label everything with its corresponding English name.