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Hard Cider. The Choice of Blerd Brewing Connoisseur

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Hard cider has turned into one of among the most visible segments of the craft brewing market and has a marked appeal with both males and females alike. Hard cider offers quite a lot, from a taste that differs immensely from beer to historical roots deep in American culture. You have delicious options like Red Apple Bombshell Hard Cider that continually wow the cider drinker. With those benefits, cider is also acquiring a great deal of notice, both here in the United States and worldwide.

What is Hard Cider?homemade hard cider

In America, apple cider is interchangeable with words ‘Apple Juice’. They both equally mean and are the same exact thing (non-alcoholic). As a matter of fact, if you were to travel to some area of the country you’ll find apple juice and apple cider side-by-side in many cases. In other areas of the nation the distinction between apple juice and apple cider will be noted for apple juice has undergone a filtration and pasteurization method even though apple cider has not.

How is Hard Cider Made?

Hard cider is the cider of apples that has been fermented and has a wonderful flavor. Essentially, apples are selected based on the flavor profile of various apples, from bitter to sweet. The apples are then milled and ground into a mush called pomace. The pomace is then pressed, releasing all of the juices until the pomace is dry. The juice is then put into containers and allowed to ferment into yeast. The juice and yeast  then converts the sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide, which escapes via an airlock on the fermentation container. The mix is then strained, making certain that all of particulates and pulp are separated from the juice. At this time, the juice is pasteurized, bottled and ready to drink!

If you’re interested in making hard cider, here is a hard cider making kit that will let you make hard cider at home.

What are Famous Hard Apple Cider Brands?

Hard apple cider is growing in use again and there are many new hard apple cider brands in the marketplace. Some of the best hard apple cider brands that are on the market are:

Is Hard Cider for Everyone?

Nowadays, cider’s reputation is somewhere between “sissy” and “soda pop.” Even in England, where people guzzle countless pints of hard apple cider brand, Strongbow annually. The drink struggles to get away from the image of something cheap drunk by teenagers and old women and now this may be changing. The Irish export Magners is growing in popularity with a 225% jump in sales over the last two years, and conventional country ciders are gaining back credibility nationwide.

Where is Hard Cider Headed in the Future?

In America, the circumstance looks worse. Woodchuck is relatively popular, but it and Cider Jack are the only well-known domestic ciders left in the country. The drink’s track record which has long been in decline since the colonial days, now puts it in a place below beer but above wine coolers. Order it with your buddies at the bar and you’ll get much more than a few stares. But remember cider’s history and hold your head high, hard cider has been here for a long time, and expect hard apple cider to be here for years to come.