How to Tie a Badu Head Wrap with a Tignon

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Who hasn’t seen Erykah Badu and the beautiful head wrap. Like the women of color in the 18th century, we love her tignon.  What is that head wrap called? It’s called a badu or a tignon. A tignon is a type of head covering. Pronounced as, “tee-yon”. The tignon is a large piece of material tied or wrapped around the head to form a kind of turban that somewhat resembles the West African Gele headwear. That West African head wear is called a badu. The tignon had many purposes which included as a way to carry messages.


Do You Want to Learn How to Tie a Head Wrap?

If you’re looking to learn how to tie a head wrap, let us help. Here is a fantastic video that gives instructions on how to tie a badu head wrap also called a tignon.

how to tie a tignon
A Creole woman wearing a tignon

The Tignon Gets Regulated

The tignon was a hair wrap that was  worn regularly by both free and slave Creole women of African descent in Louisiana in the 18th century. Unfortunately, there was a law in Louisiana created to regulate this “would be considered” a “luxury” item that was enacted under Louisiana Governor Esteban Rodriguez Miró. The regulation was meant as a means to regulate the style of dress and appearance for people of color, primarily the slave and Creole women of the state. Now these women knew how to tie a tignon head wrap! In today’s day and age, a number of people see this as a Hebrew Israelite head wrap. The Hebrew Israelite’s are known for a different narrative of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.


What Happened to the Erykah Badu Head Wrap?

Erykah stopped wearing a head wrap after a trip to Cuba. This is an excerpt from the article where she was asked the question as to why she didn’t wear her head wrap anymore.

“I sat next to a guy whose nails were dirty. He had on some Pumas that were tied so tight you could see the tongues hanging out. Then there was a guy on my left with white shorts and no shirt, and the two were passing a cigarette across me and drinking beer. I finally went in for my reading and there was this beautiful older woman who had on a yellow long dress and short haircut. She was very pretty. She started walking around me and speaking to me in Spanish. I assumed she was the priest who was going to give me my reading.

When the guy with the beard and dirty nails came in, I told the interpreter, ‘I kind of wanted it to be private.’ She goes, ‘Oh no, he’s the Priest.’

I never wore the head wrap again. I realized it wasn’t necessary anymore, because after all that man was from a long line of healers and he didn’t have to look like one. He was born with it. No matter what he did or what he said, no one could take that away from him. That’s when I was freed and began to evolve. I began to focus on being more in here than out there.”

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Black Hair Trends are Always Changing… And Remaining the Same.

Black hair trends are constantly in motion and changing and adapting to the times, as an example the goddess faux loc, it’s the new hairstyle worn by a number of black women. A lot of the time we get tied up into what we look like or wear, and then we let it define who we are. Now. Off to go to tie a badu wrap oh my, what a beautiful tignon you have! Now after reading this, sista’ you should know how to tie a head wrap, better known as a tignon.