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Indianapolis Mother Finds Child Beaten at Daycare

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A local mother is outraged after learning her son was beaten at the hands of someone at his Indianapolis day care. Now that 1-year-old is in the hospital as doctors work to see just how severe his injuries are.

The Full Story

Tiffany Griffin says she could hear her baby boy screaming when she arrived to the Kiddie Garden Day Care on 38th Street and Oxford Monday afternoon. She says she got a call from the day care a few hours after she dropped off baby Jesse and her older son.

kiddie garden daycare

Baby Jesse has cuts to his face and both of his eyes and lips were swollen. Tiffany admits to punching the 22-year-old day care worker out of anger and now the police report lists that worker as the suspect. But the worker told Tiffany another child assaulted Jesse.

FSSA spokesperson Marni Lemons said the state ordered the licensed home Kiddie Garden Daycare, 1853 East 38th Street, to cease operations immediately.

Inspection records show FSSA found violations in November 2017 and December 2016 at the 46226 location, including not working smoke detectors, no drug tests for two staff members, mold in the basement, and not following proper child-to-staff ratios.

It’s a damn shame when things aren’t done in the safest manner for a child.  A child’s education is most important, and poor baby Jesse is off to a terrible start away from home.