jay-z makes millions

Jay-Z Makes Millions in 2018

Business Money Making

Jay-Z was once a drug dealer who made money selling cocaine in Brooklyn, New York City. Today Shawn Corey Carter a/k/a Jay-Z, is the richest music performer in the country.

Part of the Wealthy

On Tuesday, Forbes Magazine published its annual list of America’s richest celebrities. Jay-Z is only behind Star Wars creator George Lucas, director Steven Spielberg, media mogul Oprah and Michael Jordan who also boast a total of $900 million in assets. He has others joining him in that spot, however. Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s star turned beauty product CEO Kylie Jenner also boasts a $900 million total assets.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Make Millions

It doesn’t hurt that the 21-time Grammy award winner also has multiple income sources. Along with he and wife Beyoncé’s made $253.5 million in profits from their worldwide On the Run II tour this year, the “99 Problems” rapper also signed a lucrative 10-year, $200 million dollar contract concert promoter and ticketing site Live Nation, as Time reported in January. Jay also invested $20 million in tech start-up JetSmarter, that is an Uber and Lyft idea that provides private jet services for affluent individuals worldwide.

Jay-Z Makes Millions

Jay-Z’s newly fresh status puts him above fellow rapper, record and business executive Diddy, who held the post as the highest paid artist in 2017. This year, the Bad Boy Entertainment founder came in at No. 8 on the Forbes list with a total assets of $825 million.