blue slime made food

Making Food Out of Slime

Dining Lifestyle

Food out of slime? YECK! Watch these two brothers compete in this do it yourself making slime candy vs. real food cooking challenge video. Last time they made starbucks mystery pink unicorn frappuccinos coffee, breakfast Kelloggs brand cereal, bbq barbecue, Coca Cola and Pepsi. This time they made summer watermelon slime, honey, cupcakes, ice cream. There is no gummy pizza, cupcake or pancake art challenge, gummy worm but lots of the best giant sour gross candies to test, taste and try to eat in this fun hilarious family friendly educational entertainment science experiment cook life hack trying series. Its amazing how easy it is to teach kid kids, teen, boy or girl the tutorial to making delicious meals out of candy and slime! Food has never been this good!