Grambling graduate degree programs online

Online Grambling Graduate Degree Programs

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Online education is the new “normal” when it comes to higher education. The offering at Grambling State University is no exception. Grambling graduate degree programs are currently supplemented by not only individual courses but entire graduate degree programs offered via online or distance education.

What is Distance Learning

Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. Distance learning is often also called:

  • Distance education
  • e-learning
  • Online learning

Distance learning has traditionally been focused on nontraditional students, such as military personnel, and nonresidents, individuals in remote regions who are unable to attend classroom lectures even full-time employees who need a flexible schedule to still accomplish their college aspirations. Distance learning has become a part of the educational world. Grambling graduate degree programs are no exception.

What Distance Learning Classes are Offered at Grambling

Like any university expanding into the distance learning world, Grambling graduate degree programs have embraced distance learning as a degree granting option at the university. Several distance or online classes are offered at Grambling. Classed available online at Grambling include:

  • Criminal justice research
  • Macroeconomics
  • International terrorism
  • Wellness and fitness nutrition

What are the Grambling Graduate Degrees Offered Via Distance Education

While Grambling has a number of graduate degrees offered, the only graduate degree programs at Grambling offered online are:

  • MS in Developmental Education
  • MS in Criminal Justice
  • Post Master’s Certificate in Developmental Education
  • Ph.D in Developmental Education

Grambling’s graduate degree program offerings are limited, but growing. The goals of the Grambling online distance education program are to provide students with a quality instruction experience available from remote locations through web-enhanced courses. Through this delivery system, Grambling is able to offer some of the Grambling graduate degree programs online efficiently and effectively. There are still scholarships for African-American students offered at Grambling for prospective students.

Online Graduate Degrees at Grambling Represent a New Era

Grambling has always been a traditional brick and mortar university. However, with the advent of new technologies, speed of the internet, webcams and more have now given the seeker of a Grambling graduate degree more options to achieve their goal of a graduate degree from Grambling State University.