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Palmdale Elementary Teachers Take Pictures with Noose


Four elementary school teachers at Palmdale Elementary school in Southern California were placed on administrative leave this week after a photo of them smiling while holding a noose circulated on social media. The school’s principal, Linda Brandts, who reportedly took the photo is also on leave for taking the picture of the teachers with the noose and subsequently distributed the pictures via email as a joke.

2/3rds of Palmdale Students Are Minority Aged

Apparently, 2/3rds of Palmdale Elementary School is comprised of minority students, while the elementary school teaching staff at the southern California primary school is comprised mostly of white women. Somehow, the teachers names who took the picture while holding the hangman or lynching noose did not get released.

Minorities in Education

It’s important to have minority focused education. Places where minority elementary aged children can receive an education without any concerns as to how they are treated. We are all about minority education, this can be seen by our listing of top scholarships for African-American students.