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Police Harassment of a Sacramento California Minor

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The definition of police harassment definition is the abuse of an officer’s authority by continually or arbitrarily stopping someone, aggressively questioning him or her, or by conducting an unwarranted or illegal search and seizure. In this video we discuss the police harassment of a Sacramento, California minor.

A Blerd Discussion

Bro. Khonsu and Bro. Darrin both of Blerd Planet discuss the recent police harassment of a Sacramento, California pre-teen. The unidentified minor is heard yelling at the officers but he didn’t physically struggle. The bag on his head is called a spit sock and it is typically used when offenders spit on or towards the police.
Now, as we watch the video, it is generally unclear whether the boy spit or did not spit at the police. Apparently, the boy suffers from respiratory issues, and at the time the Sacramento, California minor told the California police officers that he couldn’t breathe. The child is about 4’10” and 110 pounds.

What Do We Know About the Sacramento Plastic Bag Video

What we do know is that in the video, there are several witnesses that are heard yelling and demanding to know why the child was receiving such harsh treatment by the FIVE police officers that it took to handcuff the boy. Since the incident in Sacramento, the boy’s family have retained the services of Mark T. Harris, an attorney who works for civil rights lawyer Ben Crump.

Ultimately the Sacramento Police Harassment of the Community Occurred

The boy was detained for trespassing. He was chased by a hired security officer of another property onto the property where the child was later detained. The boy did not steal. There actually were people that had offered to buy the boy items so that he would not be considered as trespassing at the time of his detainment. Ultimately, the boy was not charged with trespassing, he has however, been charged with spitting at the police. The Sacramento police department has been under fire for its handling of black lives since the murder of Stephon Clark in a backyard last year.

The Sacramento Chief of Police Daniel Hahn is black.