Slave Movies

Slave Movies Depict America’s Recent Past


America has moved beyond things that made us more like animals than humans. Slave movies have depicted a racist nation before the appropriate legislation was passed.  Slave movies like “Gone with the Wind” or “Uncle Tom’s cabin” revealed the issue of racism, slavery and segregation. Now, as a piece of modern art, movies on slavery revisit topics that are from our not-so-distant past, point out and emphasize what makes us different from animals, or what should make us different.

Black Slave Movies

Six black slave movies, “Amistad”, “12 years a slave”, “The Help”, “Selma”, “Time to Kill” and “American History X” cover 200 years of American History.  They cover topics associated with slavery, segregation and racism in banking still exists.  Specifically, the slave movies “Amistad” and “12 Years a Slave”

Among the slave movies, Amistad is based on true events from a book written by a historian.  The movie keeps accuracy on locations, requisites, costumes and makeup to portray and give a strong feeling of historical presence.  The Amistad case, reflect on one of the most important events of international slavery in the 19th century.  It occurred between 1839 and 1840’s.  It contains cruel scenes of killing slaves to solve a logistic transport problem.  It reminds us of  events that may have led to complaints and discord between Juridical and Executive branches of power in the USA and our future Civil War.

12 Years a Slave

This slave movie follows the life and events of Afro-American Solomon Northup.  He was a free northern man who was forced to be a slave illegally.  He was imprisoned and forced to survive as a slave within a plantation.  Treated like and animal, he is placed on a rack to be beaten, sold and punished like a cow or a dog.  These events happened twenty years before the Civil War and one hundred years before desegregation.

Use Authenticity to Communicate a Real Experience in Slave Movies

Another of the slave movies like “12 Years a Slave” use real locations and authentic clothing and props to create a strong effect of presence and historical accuracy.  Within this two hour movie, you find yourself within the American South in the middle of the 19th century.  Surrounded by cotton, swamps, and chattel slavery itself, this movie is based on real events in the life of Solomon Northup and communicates how cruel people of our nation once were.