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The Afrika Bambaataa Scandal | Interview With Israel Doctrine


On April 1st, 2013, hip hop legend Afrikaa Bambaataa was allegedly stabbed by an underage teen for date rape. Allegedly, Bambaataa issued murder orders to Hassan Campbell. This comes from a statement given by Hassan Campbell on a show with Queenzflip, where Campbell gave the statement that he was, “one of the hitters that was supposed to get him”. The boy’s current whereabouts are unknown.

This incident set off a domino effect of allegations of sexual assault against minors with the first, Ronald Savage, releasing the information about Bambaataa in a chapter from his autobiography, “Stung”.
A year later, Hassan “Poppy” Campbell released a Facebook video where he stated that he too was party to Bambataa’s sexual improprieties. After about an hour, Campbell was ordered to take the video down.
A year or so later, Israel Doctrine, caught on to the story. He stated that he went on a quest against Hassan Campbell and Afrika Bambaataa. This is an interview on the Uncensored Truth Podcast.