Buffalo Soldier Monument

The Buffalo Soldier: Inspiring Heritage of African Americans


The Buffalo Soldier is one example of great accomplishment in the lineage of African Americans.Have you ever wondered why people look up their family tree, or ethnic heritage? It’s because they can find encouragement in what their relatives have accomplished and have a special pride in being part of a family with that heritage. As part of the Black Intelligentsia, their history should be known.

This also serves as confidence for self image and self esteem for the individual who has labored to discovered the gems in their own past and ethnicity. Buffalo Soldiers were members of Army regiments, including the 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, formed on September 21, 1866, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Who are the Buffalo Soldiers?

Buffalo Soldier was a nickname given to the Negro Cavalry by Native American tribes who fought in the Indian Wars. The Indians had deep admiration for them because they fought valiantly and fiercely as the mighty buffalo. Another opinion claims the nickname Buffalo Soldier came about because the soldiers had dark curly hair like the fur of the buffalo. Yet, another opinion suggests they were called Buffalo Soldiers because they wore thick coats made from buffalo hide during the winter time.

What is the story of the Buffalo Soldier?

Buffalo Soldiers served in western U.S. from 1867 to 1896 fighting Indians on the frontier. They escorted and guarded stage coaches, mapped and explored territory in Arizona and Mexico. Buffalo Soldiers also guarded the Rio Grande, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and into the Dakotas. US/Mexican boarder. The Buffalo Soldier played a major part in making it safe for westward expansion.

Although they were given the worst supplies and horses, the Buffalo Soldier regiments earned the most Congressional Medals of Honor and had the lowest desertion rate of any unit in the Army. Something that we’ve also seen with America’s racist banking history.

Who was Henry Flipper?

Henry O. Flipper was West Point’s first black graduate and America’s first black officer, and he became the first black hero in the ranks of the black regiments. He is the most famous of the Buffalo Soldiers.

Henry O. Flipper excelled in Engineering, law, French and Spanish. After being Lieutenant in the Army, Henry became a Surveyor and started his own Civil Mining Engineering office in Nogales, Arizona in 1887. Today, Joseph S Flipper II, Buffalo Soldier Henry Flipper’s grand nephew has had a long and distinguished teaching career. He is Associate Professor of Theology and Assistant Director of Ethics and Social Justice Center at Bellarmine University.

In 1994 Arizona passed legislation that designated a portion of State Route 90 as the Buffalo Soldier Trail.

Remembering the Buffalo Soldier

In 1992, General Colin Powell was at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas the birthplace of the 10th Calvary Regiment, and dedicated the Buffalo Soldier Monument to the Buffalo Soldier for their service, excellence to the state and nation over the years.