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Top Scholarships for African American Students


The life of a Blerd is that of a Black-Nerd. At Blerd Planet, we are home of the black intelligentsia. As members of the black intelligentsia we love to be a resource to others in their quest to achieve a higher education.

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Opportunities

There are many scholarship providers that like to recognize more than just good grades and athletic abilities. Often, some scholarships are based on things such as race, gender or sexual orientation. Essentially, the scholarship providers view these types of scholarships as an additional way to celebrate heritage and ethnicity as well.

When scholarship providers offer these scholarships for African-American/Black (non-Hispanic) scholars, the scholarship provider does just this. These scholarships for African Americans are typically awarded through schools, from notable African American advancement organizations, such as the NAACP, UNCF, as well as traditionally historically African American sororities, fraternities and foundations.

Scholarship Offers

Your heritage, ethnicity and race is part of what makes you uniquely and wonderfully you, so celebrate who you are and pay for what you learn with a scholarship!

A Number of Top African-American Based Scholarships Available

There are a number of scholarships for African Americans that exist to help black scholars to achieve an education. Most if not all scholarships aim to influence the future of the environment be it economically or socially for the better. Generally the goal of scholarships for African-American students is to support African-American students from diverse backgrounds who may otherwise struggle to enter into a higher education, be it undergraduate or graduate education. We have to be concerned with the education of our youth All in all, the majority of scholarship committee considers academic achievement as demonstrated by grades and SAT or ACT scores; personal background, as demonstrated by a variety of factors, including but not limited to, educational experience, socioeconomic background, and cultural heritage,.