Megan Good Faux Locs

What Are Faux Locs?

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Faux locs resemble dreadlocks. They are made up of real human hair, synthetic braided hair and yarn. The faux locs are tightly wrapped around braids in a downward motion to look like real locs. They type of braids and material determine the texture and appearance of the faux locs.

Maintenance of Locs

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Megan Good with Faux Locs

Faux locs are more lightweight and have a natural appearance. The locs made from human hair are often called goddess locs and they are quickly becoming more popular.

Maintaining faux is relatively easy. Keep your scalp moisturized each day. You can do this with spritz and light moisturizer. It can take awhile to air dry, so you could speed up the process with a hooded dryer or use an astringent to cleanse your scalp. Astringent evaporates quickly.

Difference Between Extensions and Goddess Faux Locs

There are two main types of this synthetic hair. Marley, which appears kinky in texture and give the locs a more natural appearance. and Kanekalon, what is smoother, shinier in appearance. For you own natural look, it’s best to choose the type of synthetic hair that best matches your hair texture.

Goddess faux locs differ from loc extensions by permanence. Faux extensions are meant to be permanent and faux locs are temporary. Over time loc extensions will permanently lock into your natural hair.

Installing Faux Locs

There are a few methods used to install locs in your hair. Before installation, prepare your hair by washing, deepfaux locs conditioning and performing a protein treatment. This will ensure that you begin with a clean slate. Your hair will be free of buildup and properly moisturized. When using Marley or Kanekalon for your locs, you should wash the hair and let it dry before adding it to your hair.

Soak the hair in a solution of water and apple cider vinegar. Then soak in plain water to rinse out the solution. This will prevent itching and irritation caused by chemicals coating the kanekalon hair.

This is a newer, popular hair style. One of the top five hottest African-American Actresses Meagan Good has helped popularize goddess locs, and they have quickly become her latest signature style.