Who is Jessica X: The Mistress of Mayhem?

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Jessica X is the Mistress of the Black Manosphere. But more important, who is Jessica X? The Black Manosphere is also known as the “negro manosphere”. Disgruntled after being excommunicated as an entire race from the mainstream manosphere now affectionately called, “The White Manosphere,” these black men created their own copycat space wherein to lambaste women in the same form and framework of their Caucasian American predecessors.

Talk. Talk. Talk. In the End, It is About Inferiority.

In The Black Manosphere, talking points tend to circle back around to the inherent inferiority of Afro-American women as a firmly held belief among them. This inferiority is specific to the Afro-American woman and does not extend to the Afro-Caribbean nor the Afro-Latina for example. An inherent inferiority that has no bearing on them as African American men, the literal racial, ethnic, and bloodline counterparts of these women. Non Black women as well as biracial women that are half black or less than that, are referred to as “star gates” through which superior children can be born.

A Colorist Space.

The Black Manosphere is a colorist space, wherein women possessing a skin complexion darker than that of a brown paper bag will ever be found defective based on hue alone. They laude praises onto non black and biracial women in the same manner that pro black leader Tariq Nasheed does. The Pro-Black radio talk show host Tariq Nasheed has been quoted as saying, “…I raise the european flag in the bedroom…” as well as encouraging black men to marry biracial women with white mothers rather than black mothers to ensure a worthy spouse. While Nasheed is not considered part of The Black Manosphere, he certainly holds the power of influence over many who hail from that space.

A Perfect Weapon?

Jessica X has been called “the perfect weapon against African American women.” by many men in the negro manosphere. The proud colorist is from the United Kingdom. She boasts of being born to a white mother and nigerian father. The obviously biracial woman in the avatar she uses on YouTube is an objective beauty. Although Jessica X has refused to ever open her camera, even upon making her debut on the Kevin Samuels show, as he requires from all his female callers, she has vehemently tried to convince her audience that she is indeed the knockout beauty in the profile photo of her YouTube and Google account. Amid accusations of being a catfish and a scammer Jessica X (also called Finessica X) claims that such suggestions are laughable and indicative of jealousy and envy typical of Afro-American women.

But Who in the Hell is Jessica X?

Among many things, Jessica X is well known for calling African American women masculine, overweight, unattractive, unintelligent, and culturally deficient. The Black Manosphere adores her for parroting their every speaking point. Knowing her speech is a thing she could be held accountable for she has done well to delete videos where she mocks Afro-American women such as Uppity Unicorn for being “fake light skinned” as well as “50 shades darker” than her. Jessica X’s colorism in tandem with the fact that she is truly a non Afro-American who also does not identify herself as a black woman in anycase, causes her speaking points to swell from collorism to blatant racism. When Jessica X discusses high value women, her thumbnails boast of beautiful white, mixed, and Hispanic women.


Anytime however, her discussion is about the low value “ratchet” woman, you can count on Jessica X using thumbnails almost exclusively of dark skinned African American women. The true age, race, and identity of Jessica X is unknown. None of her enemies or supporters have ever seen her. Several attempts at exposing her true identity have been made and foiled.