Who is the First Black Psychologist and Who is Umar Johnson?

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What is a psychologist?

A psychologist studies normal and abnormal frame of minds, cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals connect to each other and to their environments. It was shortly thereafter the first black psychologist, Solomon joined the profession. Solomon however, was no friend of Dr. Umar Johnson a considered fraud by many. Here is a little bit about Dr. Umar Johnson and the psychology profession.

Wilhelm Wundt has been recognized with establishing psychology as an academic discipline, Wilhelm Wundt students include Emil Kraepelin, James McKeen Cattell, and G. Stanley Hall. G. Stanley Hall, a student of Wilhelm Wundt, sets up first U.S. experimental psychology laboratory at Johns Hopkins University.

Who was the first black psychologist?

Solomon Carter Fuller, an earlier 20th century psychiatrist, researcher, and medical educator, was born August 11, 1872 in Monrovia, Liberia. His parents, Solomon C. and Anna Ursilla (James) Fuller, were Americo-Liberians. Solomon Carter Fuller was the first African American psychiatrist.

Who was the first black female psychologist?

Inez Beverly Prosser, teacher and school administrator, is often regarded as the first African-American female to receive a Ph.D in psychology. After growing up in Texas, Prosser was educated at Prairie View Normal College, the University of Colorado and the University of Cincinnati. She was killed in a car accident a short time after earning her doctorate.

Who is Umar Johnson?

Dr. Umar Johnson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist who concentrates on dealing with the parents of African-American children who receive learning disability education and/or are diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorders

Dr. Umar Johnson shared his vision of converting a defunct Virginia historically black college into a boarding school that he would name the Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Black Boys. (Johnson regularly describes himself as a relative of Douglass, another claim that critics dispute.) He set a $5 million fund-raising goal that he planned to hit by August, but did not. He had been raising money on GoFundMe, and recently said they ‘d hit around $400,000 before their campaign was suspended. This happens after accusations, prominently argued on the Root, that Johnson’s fund-raising lacked transparency and his organization lacked 501(c)( 3) status.

Johnson, who has described himself as “Black America’s No. 1 Most Requested Scholar-Orator“, the “prince of Pan-Afrikanism” and “the foremost expert” on the “school-to-prison pipeline,” has experienced waves of criticism along his rise to national fame. Many social networks users have lambasted his political and philosophical views, among them strong condemnations of homosexuality, interracial spousal relationship, and ADHD medication.

Is Dr. Umar Johnson a Fraud?

Dr. Umar Johnson has been called a fraud thanks to a “rolling” open date, without any school opening, there are less results. It’s been speculated that he’s received way more funds than is needed to start such an institution. To this date he has not. We at Blerd Planet agree wholeheartedly with that said sentiment. We think that black psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson has scammed people out of close to $1 million. A damn shame.

Umar Johnson has been referred to “the absentee father” that has continually made unfulfilled promises to the people. Is Umar Johnson a fraud? This video by Lenon Honor has given us a deconstruction of the lie that is Umar Johnson and what is the scam around Dr. Umar Johnson. He asks 5 questions that should be asked of Dr. Umar Johnson’s fraudulent behavior.